Mail Handling
Clutter to Clarity™ Mini-Module: Mail Handling

Calm…like calm that exists in the beautiful blue sky, has come to visit with you today.  Calm, a state of being that exists in your mind by the thoughts you choose to think, desires for you to embrace it.  Calm, a friend you attract to you from within the thoughts you think in your own mind, creates the feeling of calm in your mind, body and soul.

Inhale and exhale slowly and let your shoulders relax as you continue reading the rest of this message from Calm, your internal friend…

Imagine if you could feel Calm’s presence each time before you handle a piece of mail.  What would that be like for you?  Would you want to experience calm today, right now, or also tomorrow?  The choice is yours and ONLY yours because the feeling of calm exists first in YOUR mind.

In the book Clutter to Clarity™ Mini Module: Mail Handling, another resource for recovering clutterers, you’ll get secrets to finding your companion of calm.  Did you know that when you purposely train your mind to relax and respond, you also can positively create balanced brain chemistry?  It’s true.

You’ve probably heard about the brain chemical called serotonin, right?  Well, with sufficient amounts of serotonin, you feel calm; like everything’s okay.  When you feel like everything’s okay, THAT is evidence you have sufficient serotonin.  By letting Clutter to Clarity™ Mini Module: Mail Handling be your guide to calm, you’ll have found a natural way to create sufficient serotonin.  No drugs, just you, doing it all by yourself.

What benefits would more calm help you enjoy in your life today?  Better feelings about your self-esteem? Confidence to know you can get things done that really matter to you?  Having more meaningful relationships?  Yes, these things can all happen when you have more calm in your life.

If these things sound like something you want…like something you have to have, get Clutter to Clarity™ Mini Module: Mail Handling.  If calm is precious to you, use this guide to help you create more of it…starting today.

The following testimonials come from some of my decluttering clients and customers:

“Beverly Taylor’s clutter work cleans up the basic mental and emotional clutter, which then manifests in the outside environment and would otherwise take years of psychotherapy. Revealing the immense power of the mind, this work is world changing.”
“Drew”, Clutter Study Participant

Clutter to Clarity (TM) brings a unique, new approach to the ever growing issue of clutter. By combining guided imagery with organizational techniques, Beverly provides an in-depth understanding of the topic, together with practical advice and a thorough program.”
John Gray, Ph.D.
author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Clutter to Clarity (TM) offers a welcome understanding of the deeper issues involved with clutter. Beverly provides ‘tips and tricks’ that range from practical to inspirational, insightful and deeply healing. For a professional organizer, it is important that we blend our practical advice with this understanding, and we can now work collaboratively with hypnotherapists. Clutter to Clarity (TM) is a valuable resource for all … those of us who are cluttered, our loved ones …, and our organizers and hypnotherapists!”
Anita Berg
Professional Organizer, Anita Berg Organizing

Beverly Taylor’s Clutter to Clarity™ program played a huge part in my transformation into a happier, more confident, more organized, and definitely less cluttered person. Before Clutter to Clarity™, I didn’t think it was possible for me to be this balanced and unattached to my “stuff”. Carol B.

THANK YOU BEVERLY, You have NO IDEA how much you have been helping me to deal and face with my clutter issue. Sincerely, Susan S.

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HypnoClutter™ Certification Level 1

If you wish to receive certification in “HypnoClutter™” for the Clutter to Clarity™ program, please see Chapter XII (HypnoClutter™ Certification) of the Clutter to Clarity™ for Practitioners ebook. You receive Level 1 certification as a Certified Clutter to Clarity™ Practitioner by, … Read More

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