Are you frustrated that it seems impossible to keep clearing up the clutter?

Is the clutter getting you down, so you’re feeling depressed and overwhelmed by it all?


Are you frustrated that it seems impossible to keep clearing up the clutter? Is the clutter getting you down, so you’re feeling depressed and overwhelmed by it all? Does it seem as though you’ve been battling the clutter for so long, while not seeing much improvement? Is it hard to keep motivated to continue organizing?

Like you, I struggled and struggled for many years trying to clean up the clutter. I went through the pain of hearing friends and family ask me why I couldn’t just do it, why (they thought) I was so lazy, and why an otherwise intelligent woman like me couldn’t keep the house uncluttered. I even had a couple of people tell me that I must like it that way. I tried, I really did. Yet often I was frozen, not knowing what to do. Not knowing where to start. Not knowing what to do. Not having the energy to do anything. Feeling like a failure, so depressed, so embarrassed, so ashamed. Well, I’ve been there. I’ve been through the hell and I came back. I found the solution.

The solution is not in the stuff!

The solution is in your mind. When you get your mind and emotions in the right direction, it begins to happen. I did it this way and found out what works.  I also found that what worked for me also worked for thousands  of clients and customers. I figured out how to change the mind,  reduce the negative emotions that froze me up, and practice the  decluttering and organizing techniques that actually worked for me  as a clutterer. I’m doing so well now that I call myself a  “recovering” clutterer!

The Solution: Clutter to Clarity™ Weekly Workbook

So one of the best ways to really declutter and organize is to break it down into bite size pieces and do it with baby steps.  Or even micro steps. Get rid of the MESS, with Micro Easy Steps Smarty! To do this I created the Weekly Workbook program. This program takes all of my wealth of techniques for success and presents it in a manageable format for you to create success through weekly baby steps.

Each week will include items for you to do from these types of categories:

– Thought of the Week
– Feeling and Status Checklist
– Feelings/Thoughts/Brain Chemistry Activity
– Body Activity
– Actions Activity
– Specific Area Activity
Each activity will help you achieve success in a manageable, easy way.

The Weekly Workbook will assist you to:

Make it easy to declutter.
Help you make it easy to decide what to do next.
Create the feeling of being supported in the decluttering process. And being supported by someone who understands, who has been there.
Help you focus so you aren’t so overwhelmed or depressed.
Reduce the negative feelings and increase the positive feelings.
Reduce overwhelm and depression by focusing on baby steps and other techniques.
Have a framework to create success.
Feel good about yourself in the process.
Be supported by me to ensure your success.

So what would it be like for you to have a blueprint for success?

How would you feel if you had a weekly email that assists you in easily decluttering? Imagine how it would feel if you saw improvement in your home every week. How would it feel to even possibly have freedom from the weight of clutter?

Here’s an email that someone sent me recently about my work:
I am thrilled to learn the skills of organizing from you!  After many, many searches that end in disappointment, I found you!  I believe your approach starts at the source of the problem – how one mentally approaches organization.  Without this, the “lack of organizational skills” is merely a symptom of the problem.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The program is only $47 monthly. You can cancel anytime. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed: if for any reason during the first 30 days after you purchase the program, you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all, simply request a refund for that month. We will cheerfully refund the price you paid for that month and cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

Clutter to Clarity™ Program: Weekly Workbook


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To your success and serenity,
Beverly Taylor
p.s. Go ahead! What do you have to lose except some clutter? Let me help you be successful. I care about your success.