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Hoarding and Clutter – How to Use Your Brain as a Tool

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Your brain is a powerful tool, perhaps not be as fresh and sharp as it could be. If you have a house filled with clutter, you may feel that your brain is as cluttered as your home. What you think, or believe, will determine your emotions and how you handle situations. Here are some easy ways to tune-up your brain so that you can use it as one of your most valuable decluttering tools with hoarding and clutter.

How big does the clutter look to your brain?

A hoarder and clutterer might feel their situation is hopeless. That would make it difficult for them to get started. If the problem is too big, it may seem easier to just ignore or avoid it.

Brainy Ideas

Baby steps can come in handy when you need to tackle a big job. Your mind will naturally turn away from an overwhelming task, so it’s better to just feed your mind a few spoonfuls. Your mind will accept the smaller tasks more easily.


There are thoughts, or scripts, running through your mind all the time. They play in the background. Your mind will believe whatever thoughts are filling it up the most.

If your thoughts are focused on how hopeless the clutter situation is or that you can’t get anyone to help you with your problem, then your mind will make you feel that you are isolated and stuck. If you use release techniques and positive affirmations you can re-write your mind’s scripts into something uplifting and positive.

Brainy Ideas

It’s possible to “change your mind” just by changing the way you think. All you need to do is have more positive thoughts, focusing on becoming flexible, encouraged, uncluttered, focused, calm and relax.

“I am getting healthy, every day”

“I am making steady progress, every day”

“Clean and clear is coming near”

“I take baby steps, every day”

Saying these things to yourself can help improve your brain function which can help you begin to gently declutter your life. According to research, hypnosis can be helpful to clutterers and hoarders. An experienced Consulting Hypnotist can help you learn deep breathing, relaxation, affirmations, and release techniques that can help you clear your mind, which will make your life much easier with handling hoarding and clutter.