Decluttering can be fun

Decluttering Can Be Fun!

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It is not all that uncommon for a clutterer to resist the idea of decluttering, cleaning and organizing their packed spaces. It is also pretty common that a clutterer might not even consider that the act of cleaning up could be fun. A great goal is to keep the actions fun, or you can go about it by at least striving to remain emotionally neutral.


Consider The Possibilities


Once you recover from the shock of realizing that you are going to declutter, you can then sit back and think about the idea of cleaning as a kind of positive or neutral experience. What could be fun about organizing, decluttering and cleaning? Basically speaking, it is all about your attitude and thoughts, so you can think of the different ways that you can keep a positive or neutral attitude to tackle the job.


Touch On Emotions Using Music


A good way to go about this is by playing some of your favorite music, which could be something that is soft and mellow or energizing and uplifting. Music that inspires and sparks emotion can be a wonderful way to get your organizational skills flowing and kick your motivation into high gear. All you have to do is play any kind of music that feels great to you at the moment.


You may want to program a specific playlist on YouTube, iTunes or your smart phone for your organizing and cleaning time. You can come up with different categories that will give you all of the motivation that you are looking for so that you can really tackle the job in front of you. Latin music, calming music, classical music, Native American tunes, anything that you love, put it on the list!


What Else Can Make It Fun?


Have you thought about dressing for the occasion? Believe it or not, putting on something that is funny, or even schleppy, can be a nice way to dress for the occasion so that you can make the best of it. You can truly be as crazy or silly as you want, and as long as you are comfortable so that you can move and work, you will have the ability to get quite a bit of organization, cleaning and decluttering done.


You can also think about making a game of the organizing process. Think about putting all of the blue items in one room, while another goes into another room. The more thought that you put into the process, the easier it will be for you to get the results that you are looking for to get a space that is clutter-free. There are some people that will even bring in friends to help them to make the whole time go a lot faster while having fun.


This Is Not Crazy Or Stupid


Whenever you are able to make an ordinary task a whole lot more fun, it can actually bring about the right state of mind and emotions to where you will want to do it again. This is something that can also cut back on stress and bringing about a healthier mindset. Moving forward, you could be doing a feel-good thing for yourself that will not only make you feel better, but you will also feel much better about your surroundings!