I’m Not Stressed, What You Need to Know!

First of all you need to know I don’t always tell the complete truth. It’s not that I’m  being dishonest or trying to deceive anyone, it’s not even a little white lie. For example, the title of this blog leaves out one important fact, and I’m going to share it.

No lie. I’m not stressed isn’t the whole story. In fact, I am stressed. I’m a brain chemistry expert and I know every stress causing dynamic occurring in my body from hormones to neurotransmitters, but I still experience daily stress.

Guess what? NOBODY is immune to it, everyone gets it and if they say they don’t, they’re either being untruthful or they know what I know. You need to know it too. Before I share what I know, it’s very important you make the following information priority, it’s required.

Stress is the root of all sickness and disease you will encounter in your lifetime, THE ROOT! This fact is so critical if you don’t believe me stop reading this blog and move on to your stressed life. Or, read on, and move on to your renewed life that will take you further into your journey than you ever dreamed possible.

Are You Still With Me?

I do hope so because I have several other goals I need to achieve before I transition to my next existence. There is no special cure or mystical treatment for stress and the only prescription you need, you can write yourself. Let’s understand one thing, you have free will.

Doctors are substantially more educated than me and they have a wealth of knowledge that can benefit people. Some doctors are better than others, some may be better looking, some sweet, some distant, some expensive, you get my point. They’re just people, like me.

I’m not stressed because I have a mind set and a plan I put into every day and it begins the minute I WAKE UP! That’s just me, you can have your own mind set and plan to manage stress, if you so choose. Really, it all comes down to what you want to embrace each day, what intention you set for the day.

My Routine, My Habit, My Plan, My Choice

Every night, before I climb under my covers and drift off to dreamland (I’ve heard not everyone dreams, anyway) I fix a cup of green tea. Buddhist monks are said to meditate for hours feeling relaxed and the amino acid L-theanine has been linked to this relaxing quality. Try it, don’t take my word for it.

.If you see a doctor and have sleeping pills or sedative prescriptions, tell your doctor if you plan on trying natural supplements first. A good night rest, at least 8 hours, is your first line of defense for managing stress. If you are tired or not rested, it’s a recipe for succumbing to the effects of daily stress.

If I’ve had an especially busy day and I’m feeling super uptight, I bring out my secret weapon, Humulus lupulus. Save your crackers, don’t confuse this with hummice. You can find it as oil, tincture, or an extract. As aromatherapy, it’s called a hops pillow. That’s right, the same ingredient found in beer.

My X-factor, which I keep hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar under my bed, is Valeriana officinalis. No, it’s not my official secretary Valerie, who by the way gives excellent massages, It’s Valerian, and it has strong sedative qualities. In fact, the German government has approved its use for insomnia. Consult your doctor first.

Upon awakening I start each day with an afformation, a question, as opposed to an affirmation, which is a statement about a belief or thought for the day. This helps to set my intention for the day. For example, “Why is every day for me a promise for happiness, success, and minimal stress?”

And Finally, My Own ICBM

It’s easy to jump to conclusions, sometimes it’s the only exercise people get, but I don’t actually own a Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile. ICBM is my Inner Concentration Back-up Mode, or self-hypnosis. It’s not for everyone, but about 80-85% of the population can benefit from the use of hypnosis.

My name is Beverly Taylor, founder and CEO of the Easy Key To Life Institute, and I’ve been helping and teaching people everywhere about the success of this phenomenal tool we call our mind. Contact me at so we can discuss your plan for managing stress in your life.