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Now people can easily get organized and de-cluttered even if they’ve tried other methods that failed before. Beverly E. Taylor is a 3rd generation former clutterer and reveals to people the easy key to organizing: tools, techniques and specific actions they can take to begin to live a clutter free life.

Beverly E. Taylor is the “Stress Relief and Clean Up Queen”! She helps people clean up their homes, stress, relationships, careers, lives, emotions, and even brain chemistry. She is the Founder and CEO of the Easy Key to Life™ Institute and is an award winning speaker, author, entrepreneur, personal improvement consultant, wellness coach, teacher and certified hypnotherapist.

She is the founder of the Easy Key to Life™ method and author of “Easy Key To Life: the Ultimate Brain Change”. The Easy Key to Life™ Method is a simple, yet profound, way of clearing out emotional pain to access one’s true love, happiness and wisdom. In the Easy Key to Life Method, we look at the many drivers of negative behavior, such as emotions, habits, beliefs, saboteurs, and brain chemistry. Then when a client metaphorically releases or removes the negative stuck emotions, habits, beliefs, or saboteurs, what is then accessible is love, happiness, and wisdom. Balancing and supporting the brain chemistry with excellent nutrition also supports this process, and with some people, may be the most important ingredient.

Beverly is the author of the first-of-its-kind program and books, “Clutter to Clarity™: The Easy Key to Organizing” and “Clutter to Clarity™ for Hypnotherapists: Using Hypnotherapy to Help People Gently Clear Clutter”, the “Easy Key to Life Hypnotherapy Program” book, the “Client-Focused Smoking Cessation” Manual, multiple guided meditation CDs and numerous courses. Beverly certifies people to be hypnotherapists in her own school and is on the faculty of the Center for Hypnotherapy Certification in Oakland, CA. She is fluent in Spanish.

Another form of education and personal improvement consulting is her Article Internet Marketing (AIM) program, in which she creates a global spreading of information to support people and businesses. She has several niches which are Clutter to Clarity™, Brain Chemistry, AIM, and Offline Global to Online Local™. With this venue, she assists people to easily achieve their desired goals and manifet their desires. She has created an outstanding blend of personal improvement supported by internet technology.

CREDENTIALS: Beverly E. Taylor is certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy, Habit Control Hypnotherapy, HypnoCoaching, Transformational Healing Method, Sports Enhancement Hypnotherapy, and LuxMani Energywork and holds a multiple subject Bilingual Teaching Credential and BA from UCLA. She is a Certified Stress Management Consultant. Beverly is an honored member of the Cambridge Who’s Who and has been awarded the 2005 Achievement Award in Hypnotherapy and 2006 Angel Award from the International Hypnosis Federation, in addition to being a charter member, plus 2007 Recognition of Exceptional Performance from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Beverly Taylor has been a guest on TV, such as ABC Channel 7 “The View from the Bay”. She was the featured hypnotherapist in the TLC (The Learning Channel) TV show “Help! I’m a Hoarder”. Previously, Beverly was the host of the internet radio show Easy Key to Life Radio Show“. She has been on and hosted radio shows, such as “Seeing Beyond”, “In the Company of Angels”, “The Frankie Boyer show”, “The Chuck and Don Show”, and the internet shows “Intuitive Eyes”, “Advanced Living with Ken Lesser”, and “Walking with Spirit with Monique Chapman”. Her published articles include: “Business Clears the Mind and the Clutter”, Bay Area BusinessWoman; “Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions”, Open Exchange; “Clearing the Mind and the Clutter”, Open Exchange; and Clutter to Clarity book review, Castro Valley Forum.

Beverly is a dynamic, inspirational, passionate and informative speaker who motivates her audiences. She has been a speaker in venues such as the East Bay Women’s Network, the Women’s Council of Realtors, and award winning presentations at numerous conferences. When she was in the corporate world, she was the second most requested speaker at the Apple Corporate Briefing Center, speaking to top business leaders including CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs. Her courses include “Easy Key to Abundance”, “Clutter to Clarity”, “Brain Chemistry and Gender”, “Stress and Brain Chemistry”, and “Honor the Feminine, Appreciate the Masculine”.

For over five years, Beverly has been personally trained in gender differences, brain chemistry and wellness by Dr. John Gray, world renowned author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

*AVAILABILITY:* North America by arrangement, and via telephone; available as a last-minute guest.

*CONTACT:* Easy Key to Life office: 866-326-3279

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