Healthy Weight Program: Easy Key to Weight Loss

Creating a healthy lifestyle is the best way to let the pounds drop off and stay off!. This is a highly effective hypnotherapy program that:

  1. Easily increases motivation to eat and exercise healthily
  2. Neutralizes your desire to eat inappropriately
  3. Eliminates or minimizes cravings – often without noticing!
  4. Reduces tension and anxiety
  5. Works quickly, safely and successfully
  6. Is individually tailored to your specific needs
  7. Provides, if desired, information for a nutritional program that has helped thousands to lose weight!

Lose weight, feel great, improve health, and enhance brain chemistry with Isagenix and Dr. John Gray’s Mars Venus Wellness Solution!

I have found the best and most affordable weight loss results with combining hypnotherapy and the Isagenix products.

Achieving healthy weight loss will give you greater personal satisfaction and a new sense of inner strength. And it will help to prolong your life, improve your energy level, free you, and put you in control.

Private One-On-One Sessions. With very individual and personal sessions of hypnotherapy, we create a process of inner change that will give you long term benefits. It works on a deep level to produce changes in your habits and feelings and to help you overcome cravings, anxiety, nervousness, and any fears. Your individual hypnosis session will be put on a custom audiocassette for you to use regularly over the next few weeks to strengthen and reinforce your new habits.

In Hypnotherapy, you are in control, with the hypnotherapist guiding you to find and experience exactly what you need in order to accomplish your goals. If you haven’t yet decided that you are ready for the program, we can have one or more sessions to review your feelings, thoughts and options.

Hypnotherapy has been one of the most effective techniques ever used for changing habits. It is safe, pleasant, and relaxing. And it works!