Hypnosis Certification Training

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Level 1: Hypnotherapy Training


Learn How to Help People with their Emotions and Habits!

You Will Learn

  • History of Hypnotism
  • How Hypnosis Works
  • Practical Fundamentals of Hypnosis, with the Easy Key to Life™ method
  • Basics of Brain Chemistry and How to Change the Brain – Learn why we do what we do!
  • Self Hypnosis & Guided Meditation
  • Basics for Addictions, Weight Loss, Performance, Depression, Fears
  • How to run a Successful Hypnotism Practice

Why You Should Get Certified through the Easy Key to Life Institute

  • In only 50 hours, you learn exactly what you need to immediately work with clients and set up your business.
  • You are certified worldwide as a hypnotist from the International Hypnosis Federation and as a practitioner from the Easy Key to Life Institute.
  • The Easy Key to Life™ method is easy to learn and use. You can even use it in an emergency or impromptu situation without any materials.
  • You learn a fully documented method with detailed instructions in a 250-page manual, in addition to a binder ready to use with clients. No need to buy any other materials.
  • With the Easy Key to Life™ method, clients are fully aware and in control. Clients choose or create their own metaphors, so no negative reactions.


This certification course offers 50 hours of instruction with ample “hands on” experience and demonstration. Home study hours are required for certification. Upon completition of this coure, you will be able to work with clients.

You will receive certification in hypnotherapy and in the Easy Key to Life™ method.
The material is easy to learn as each part builds on the previous and is often repeated.

You will receive a 250 page course manual and a client binder. All materials are provided, other than you may want to use a notebook to take notes. Everything is covered and there is no additional cost.

Who Should Attend

Certification programs are structured for Therapists, Life Coaches, Massage Therapists, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Healers, Spiritual Counselors, individuals and for personal research; anyone wanting to learn Hypnosis and Body, Mind, Spirit Integration. Therapist and Nursing CEUs are available. Prerequisite: none.

More Details

The written test is on the last day of class.
The oral test is scheduled individually and can be done before the last class if you feel ready.
If you miss one or two classes, that will be ok. All classes are recorded so you can listen to the recording. Classes follow the manual.
Former students may retake the class for $100.
As this is a teleclass, if you have restricted phone minutes, contact us to find out free phone methods.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 registers you for the course.
Cash, Check, Credit Cards, PayPal and Payment Plans are all accepted.
If you wish to pay in ways different from what’s below, contact us.
Contact us for discounts for additional enrollments – bring a friend!
You receive your certificate after completion of course, payments and tests.


****NOTE: When you finish paying with PayPal, click on the small link “Return to Easy Key to Life Institute”. You will then be sent to a page to register for the course. You only have to do this with the first payment. PLEASE PAY SOMETHING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE YOUR FIRST SET OF MATERIALS AND HOMEWORK. Contact me if you will be mailing a check.

Upcoming course will be teleclasses – email if you are interested!

PLEASE NOTE that there is some interest in having a course in SAN JOSE/LOS GATOS and another one in SAN FRANCISCO. EMAIL OR CALL ASAP IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

All times are Pacific time zone.

Evening teleclasses: Two hours
Daytime classroom (or by phone) Saturdays or Sundays 1pm-5pm (adjustable based on student schedules)

All classes are available as a Teleseminar only course – learn over the internet and phone! Very successful!

 Contact us for future dates and times. Courses available in English or Spanish.

Level 2: Professional Hypnotism: Become a CERTIFIED MASTER HYPNOTIST (CMH) $897

Brain Chemistry for Success. Fine tuning in Induction and Trance States, Hypnosis for Specific Issues, Medical Hypnosis, NLP, Past and Current Life Regression, Hypnosis with Children, Hypnosis for Athletes. Giving demos and presentations. Prerequisite: Level 1 or equivalent certification

Level 3: Professional Hypnotherapist: Become a CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST (CHt) $700

An in-depth view of the spectrum of hypnosis featuring advanced rapid and non-verbal inductions, reframing and reprogramming techniques. Deal with limiting habits and behavior including phobias, addictions, compulsions, co-dependency. Student will complete one project related to either hypnosis or marketing. Prerequisite: Level 2 or equivalent certification.


Beverly E. Taylor is the Founder of the Easy Key to Life™ Institute and is an award winning author, speaker, radio show host, life and wellness coach, teacher and certified hypnotherapist. Beverly has been a guest on numerous TV and radio shows. She endeavors to improve our world around us. She is the founder of the Easy Key to Life method, which is a simple, yet profound, way of clearing out emotional pain to access one’s true love, happiness and wisdom.

Beverly is certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy, Pain Management Hypnotherapy, Habit Control Hypnotherapy, HypnoCoaching, Transformational Healing Method, Sports Enhancement Hypnotherapy and is a Certified Stress Management Consultant. She is also certified in Reiki II and LuxMani Energywork and holds a multiple subject Bilingual Teaching Credential and BA from UCLA. Beverly is an honored member of the Cambridge Who’s Who and has been awarded the 2005 Achievement Award in Hypnotherapy and 2006 Angel Award from the International Hypnosis Federation, in addition to being a charter member, plus 2007 Recognition of Exceptional Performance from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Beverly, I love your Easy Key to Life™ method and especially this part: The hypnotherapist doesn’t need scripts with this method.

The client makes all decisions and choices.
The client is really in full control.
The client is not told what to do at any point.
The client is empowered to make all decisions.

One of the challenges that hypnotherapists and coaches have is trying to help enable or empower change, but being able to do it in a way that is fluid and changing as necessary among clients, but the old method of using scripts doesn’t lend itself well to that. Thanks for sharing! Sean Mize

“If enough people learn the Easy Key to Life™ method, it will change the hypnosis profession! It’s that good!” Susan Fox, CHT

“I have been waiting my whole life for something to help me with this! I am so looking forward to spreading this work. It will be life changing.” Paula A., Hypnotherapist

“Thank you Beverly for the wonderfully useful information! Both the Gender Brain Chemistry neuro-chemical facts and the Easy Key to Life™ Program will be life changing in their power for helping clients. I love the work and appreciate your presentation!”
Janice Smylie, CHT, PhD

Beverly Taylor’s approach to hypnotherapy and her EKTL technique is simple and clear which produces outstanding and astounding results quickly and easily.   I have attended her course and trained in sessions with her and from my personal perspective, students and clients have received the best possible experience and demonstration of how effective EKTL can be for themselves respectively.  The additional knowledge that she uses in her practice regarding gender brain chemistry, reveals how that can fit into the mix for more effective communication on the conscious level.  You can experience her complete course in person, electronically, or in her books and ebooks.  Whether you choose to become certified in EKTL or  just read the material, you will be in a much better place of understanding yourself and able to easily resolve negative issues in your  life experience! Francesca Elise, Cht, CMht

“Beverly, thank you so much for all your help.  I absolutely love your “Easy Key To Life Method”!  It is straight-forward, easy and very powerful.  As a new CHT I learned different ways of doing a session; yours truly resonates with me.  I am seeing a client who is auditioning for “American Idol 2008″ and I went from feeling nervous with a knot in my throat to confident that I will serve my client well. I realized once again what a wonderful and gifted teacher you are.” Esther Ailor CHT

“Through hypnotherapy I have been able to release many negative thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs.  I am able to positively progress and can FINALLY allow others to love me and in turn am able to freely love them back.  I have manifested many wonderful and positive changes into my life.  For example I am LIVING life…no longer fighting for a mere existence!  I also have the honor and pleasure of sharing this freeing experience with others which truly continues to bring my heart such joy each and every time a client allows me the experience of guiding them through hypnosis and seeing the joy as their lives are so profoundly changed.  Such a blessing for me in so many ways and I am so thrilled I went through the Easy Key to Life™ courses and certification process so I can now share this amazing gift.” Dana Barnett, CHT

“A great job of combining theory, technique and gentle demonstration!” Martha B., RN, MSW, MPH, CHT

“Thank you Beverly. My new job would not have manifested itself without your unconditional love and support, not to mention the technical and professional influence you added to my search for employment. Your ‘Easy Key to Life™’ method is indeed inspiring. My testimonial is unequivical, your techniques work! Releasing emotional baggage and discarding self-limiting beliefs was the key.” Joe Alonzo, CHT

Take Home Materials
You will receive 2 manuals to use during the courses and as a permanent reference source. The comprehensive course manual includes important information, resources, step-by-step description of the Easy Key to Life™ method, and valuable forms to use with your clients. You also receive a manual to use during client sessions.