VOL. 17, NO. 3                WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2005        CASTRO VALLEY • CALIFORNIA

Castro Valley Authors with Recently Published Books

By Emma Krasov

Beverly E. Taylor

Local consulting hypnotist, Beverly E. Taylor published her “Clutter to Clarity: Using Hypnosis to Gently Clear Clutter” to introduce the method of using hypnosis in the fight against an all-to-familiar issue that affects millions of people.

“This subject is near and dear to my heart. I have intimate experience in the world of clutter,” Taylor wrote in the introduction to her book.

Taylor acknowledges that clutterers are often creative and busy people or those affected by an illness or unresolved emotional issues. While some are born into families of clutterers, others take on the habit after a life-changing event. In all cases, the more clutter a person accumulates, the less energy he or she has to deal with it.

Taylor offers a number of resources and techniques in her book and provides hypnosis sessions.