About our Easy Key to Life Release Method

We use the Easy Key to Life release method, which is a simple, yet profound, way of clearing out emotional pain to access one’s true love, happiness and wisdom. With this method, people have been able to stop smoking in 1 to 3 sessions, lose weight, clear clutter, reduce anxiety, improve their career and many, many other improvements in their lives. In the Easy Key to Life Method, we look at the many drivers of negative behavior, such as emotions, habits, beliefs, saboteurs, and brain chemistry. Then when a client metaphorically releases or removes the negative stuck emotions, habits, beliefs, or saboteurs, what is then accessible is love, happiness, and wisdom. Balancing and supporting the brain chemistry with excellent nutrition also supports this process, and with some people, may be the most important ingredient.

In the more modern types of hypnosis such as Interactive Hypnosis, “feeling hypnotized” is not the indication of success or failure. The older versions of hypnosis often do require a deep level of hypnosis (‘theta’), which is much harder to achieve in your first session. Interactive Hypnosis actually needs you to be in the light ‘alpha’ state, which is similar to daydreaming.

The Easy Key to Life™ method uses not only the modern Interactive Hypnosis style, but also puts you 100% in control. You choose whether you want to release or change the issue and how you would like to do it. The Easy Key to Life™ practitioner guides you, but never tells you what to do. Therefore, there is no resistance on your side as you make all the decisions from your own deep inner wisdom.