Vol. 11 No. 12 September 2004

Business Clears the Mind and the Clutter

People still ask Beverly Taylor if she’ll make them quack like a duck. That’s just one of the many myths she encounters about hypnosis. To debunk some: a consulting hypnotist can’t control another person; the client will be awake and aware; it isn’t possible to ‘get stuck’ in a hypnotic trance; and a client will remember the session.

Hypnosis is a powerful, yet gentle and relaxing, method that assists people in using the power of their subconscious minds to achieve their goals, says Taylor. And it works!

Taylor uses the Transformational Healing Method™ of hypnosis. This entails using one’s subconscious mind to help heal oneself. In traditional hypnosis, the hypnotist will guide one into trance, then basically take over and make suggestions. In THM, Taylor assists the client into trance, and then works with her subconscious mind to achieve results. The client is very much involved, both mentally and conversationally.

Hypnosis can be used for anything governed by the subconscious mind. It has been used to help people become more organized; stop smoking (often in one session!); manage weight; alcohol & drug abatement; deeply relax; reduce stress; improve confidence; increase self-esteem; reduce pain; prepare for surgery; assist healing; minimize childbirth pain; develop talents; improve sales; enhance sports performance; improve study habits and test taking; overcome fears; remove blockages; improve relationships; deepen spirituality; and more.

Taylor has helped hundreds of people in myriad ways. Two clients report that Taylor saved their life (one by stopping alcohol and the other by ending debilitating panic attacks). A 30-year 3-pack smoker stopped in one day.

In addition to Taylor’s standard hypnosis business, she has created a unique, highly successful program and book, Clutter to Clarity™, which uses hypnosis to help people remove the clutter in their lives. For some, it includes finally throwing out stacks of newspapers saved for years. For others, it entails completing projects left unfinished for years. One woman removed 75 bags of clutter from her bedroom. “Clutter to Clarity™ has created exciting, wonderful results”, said Taylor. And I love helping people.