building trust with your clients.

Do You Know The Secret Ingredient to Building Trust with Your Clients?

Getting your point across with sincere caring quickly builds trust with clients. When clients trust you, they want to work with you. But how clients define caring may vary between the genders. It’s essential to learn the secret ingredient to building trust with your clients.

You can genuinely bond with clients by speaking their gender language. I have named this cutting edge research knowledge as Gender Brain Science™. Using this newly revealed human brain knowledge helps you improve interactive session productivity and problem resolution performance. So what’s it all about?

According to their distinct gender, men and women neurochemically relate to other humans using an explicitly unique male or female value system. That value system is found in the brain. It is by communicating using this gender-sensitive value system that helps you quickly build a trusting bond with your clients.

Using a gender’s unique value system when you interact with clients, you connect faster by relating with them and their issues using their gender-specific values. Because this knowledge works so well for developing a trusting bond with clients, it makes sense to learn about and use Gender Brain Chemistry™ and its behavior and communication effects.

The gender-specific way of interpreting and seeing life is hardwired into each sex’s brain design as a part of that specific gender’s NATURE. For example, suppose as a male hypnotherapist, you are working with a woman client regarding a highly emotional issue. Let’s say the woman expresses her feelings about the issue. You as a man listen to her reveal what’s so upsetting.

Your intention is to help her release the issue. But innately, as a man, you may initially try to simplify letting go of the negative emotion of the issue by using logic or giving her advice. If you do that, she may interpret your logical response as insensitive and uncaring. Knowing what and how to say to a woman you genuinely care must be conveyed in a way meaningful to a woman. By utilizing Gender Brain Chemistry knowledge, you would know to let her express her feelings while being heard, as this will increase her neurotransmitter serotonin.

The same holds true for a man. Suppose a female hypnotherapist has a male client. Imagine him verbally expressing what’s upsetting him. As a female, it’s no big deal to openly express your feelings. But to a man, he may consider emotionally expressing his true feelings as a sign of weakness. By knowing how to respond in a way he feels secure sharing what he may consider as a vulnerability, you quickly build trust between you and your male client.

Learning how to use this key secret ingredient to building trust can make all the difference in the world to your clients. For more information on getting GBS training, contact Beverly at [email protected].