Habit of buying stuff

Breaking The Habit Of Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

posted in: Clutter to Clarity™

Does this sound familiar? You are walking through a store minding your own business when suddenly you see a rack of items that are on sale. The sale price is so incredible that you feel like you can’t pass by without grabbing one of the items off the rack even though it is something that you don’t really need. Before long, you may have even convinced yourself that you really do need the item or that you could find a way to use it. When you are decluttering, however, buying sale items on impulse can simply add more junk to the pile that you are trying to get rid of. Fortunately, you can use the following steps to help overcome this problem.


Opt For Something Small


If you are feeling the need to buy something, choose something extremely small. Just because the item is small in size doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate it as if it is the best thing in the world. Oftentimes, buying something new is less about the item itself and more about the excitement that comes along with shopping. You can get that same sense of excitement when you buy something small as long as you allow yourself to feel the happy feelings that go along with it. Instead of trying to stuff the desire to buy something down, you can indulge it by choosing a small item and really appreciating it.


Redefine Yourself


Start thinking of yourself in a different way. Instead of being a person who likes to buy things, think of yourself as someone who is organized and who has a clutter-free home. Imagine how nice your house is going to feel when it is no longer overrun by clutter. Tell yourself that you are excited about the idea of getting rid of stuff that you don’t need and that you are determined not to add to the problem by bringing more unnecessary items home.


Celebrate Your Accomplishments


Each time you avoid buying something that you don’t need or bringing something unnecessary home, be sure to celebrate the accomplishment. Pay attention to the change in your thought process and congratulate yourself when you make the decision not to get something that you don’t need. By acknowledging your accomplishments, you can help keep yourself on track. Every time you avoid adding something new to the clutter at home is one step closer to having a neatly organized space. That is worth celebrating!