Tony M.

October 4, 2016

“The Easy Key to Life method helped me tremendously.  I wouldn’t say I was skeptical before trying hypnotherapy but I had no experience with any type of hypnosis or hypnotherapy before seeking out Beverly Taylor and the Easy Key to Life.   After my first session I was convinced that hypnotherapy does work because not only could I tell but my Wife noticed a marked difference in my self confidence and my attitude towards a difficult exam I was preparing for.  The exam I took was 6 hours, 165 question’s and is regulated by the State with a Proctor looking over your shoulder the whole time.  After my therapy sessions with Beverly my confidence level increased tremendously and I no longer felt anxiety about studying or taking the exam.  I took the exam and passed the first time and I should mention that the failure rate is over 70%!   I know going forward in my life, I will face similar experiences with an improved sense of self confidence and a positive attitude.  The hypnotherapy process erased the way I was conditioned to think, improved my self confidence and set me off on the right track.”