The Bad Habit Liberator

Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

* The six stages in the process of breaking bad habits

* How to replace bad habits with a healthy new lifestyle

* How millions of people have succeeded in breaking a bad habit

* Why you must free yourself  by taking responsibility for your own program

* Why successful preparation for change means that you set goals for yourself

* Why change is not an event, but a process

* Why most successful self-changers fail at least once before they succeed

* Why willpower alone isn’t enough

* Why quitting a habit cold turkey usually doesn’t work

* Why a commitment to a more active lifestyle is key to breaking a bad habit

* And a lot more!

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The Hypnosis Handbook

Tap into the powers of Hypnosis…

Discover How To Live In Peace And Harmony In A World Full Of Uncertainty And Dramatically Improve Your Quality Of Life Today Through Hypnosis!

Finally You Can Fully Equip Yourself With These “Must Have” Tools For Achieving Peace And Calmness And Live A Life Of Comfort That You Deserve!

In this world full of uncertainty – Wars, economic crises, killing, rape and robbery, it’s difficult for one to lead a calm and peaceful life. Sometimes, the unnervingness of it all can lead to disease and complications which harm our health.

And once get caught up in such situations, it’s hard to improve our health situation or worse, the disease can progress or worsen.

But here’s the good news:

The art of hypnosis CAN help you achieve peace and calmness!

Introducing… The Hypnosis Handbook

Here’s an overview of this ultimate guide to hypnosis:

– With this guide, you’ll be equipped with the most powerful tools and strategies to helping you achieve peace and calmness via hypnosis

– You will also be exposed to plenty of highly effective methods for identifying triggers and preventing them through hypnosis

– You’ll also get tons of extra information on your conditions and how you can deal with them in a variety of ways to achieve peace and calmness with hypnosis


Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: The Basics
Chapter 2: Getting The Most From It
Chapter 3: Using Hypnosis For Self Image
Chapter 4: Getting Rid Of Bad Behaviors
Chapter 5: Using Hypnosis For Stress
Wrapping Up

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Law Of Attraction
The Law Of Attraction And Your Wealth

With the release of The Secret followed by the outstanding response it has garnered, a lot of people are speaking about the Law of Attraction. The problem is that not half of these people know what they are talking about.

The Law of Attraction is not an enchantment or a potion that will wish all your problems away. There are things that need to be done if you want to experience its richness in your life.

This eBook specifically deals with the implementation of the Law of Attraction in gathering money, but really it is about all its various applications that can help in improving your life.

Sit back, free up your mind from all its clutter, and have a good read.

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The Path To Positive Thinking

Finally, The Ultimate Guide To Changing Your Life Forever… Get Your Hands On The Ultimate Guide For Live Improvement Through The Art Of Positive Thinking And Let It’s Magic Change Your Life Forever! Discover How Ordinary People Can Live Extraordinary … Read More

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The Secrets Behind Subtle Psychology

Have you ever been converted into doing or buying something you afterward regretted? Have you ever stopped midway through a favor for a friend, and thought – ―Why did I even agree to this?

Chances are somebody has used one of the techniques included here on you. They work on a subtle level, for a lot of thought processes and decisions take place below your awareness. And that’s what makes them so mighty.

Would you like to discover what these strategies are? How do you distinguish them, and stop yourself before it’s too late or how can you use them to your benefit? Knowledge is the initial step.

Here you will gain the insight into

The Secrets Behind Subtle Psychology

Telemarketers use different techniques to get you to listen to them.

Here is a subtle psychological techniques names foot in the door.


Getting That Initial “In”
A while ago, I got a telephone call from a telemarketer. Generally they’d try to impress me with a grand sales line when I answered, but this one was unlike the others.

The second I answered the call, he told me that he was only doing a fast phone survey, one that would only require 30 seconds. There was no personal information being gathered, he said. Altogether safe and anonymous, and he isn’t attempting to sell me anything. Generally I’d have made a polite apology, but 30 seconds didn’t appear like such a long time, so I said ok.

And that was the beginning of the snare. He began with little, innocent inquiries. What is your age bracket? What is your job? Where do you go for vacations? These questions weren’t intrusive, so I replied happily.

Before long he was expanding to some really personal questions. Midway through the survey, he started assuring me there was only ―one last question‖. I was becoming irritated and suspicious as the questions got more personal, but his speedy assurances and non-stop blabber left me little time to think the right way, so I kept answering. At the close of the interview, he thanked me courteously and hung up. The survey had taken 5 minutes, and the data I had given was very
personal indeed.

―Geez, I thought. ―At any rate he didn’t try to sell me anything.

Well this wasn’t really the case.

Somebody phoned to follow up a couple of days later. Instantly she called me by name and referred to some personal data I had given. No more was she a stranger, now she seemed to be a friend. I believed it was somebody I had met but blanked out.

All of a sudden she reminded me of the first telephone call, and congratulated me – I was among the lucky 10 people to have qualified for a limited gift. All I had to do was to attend a seminar (why I got the feeling there won’t be only 10 individuals there, I don’t know). I had gone for one such sitting before – and this one was in all likelihood to be the equivalent: a long, awful, sales talk.

It was then I at last realized I had been fooled – fallen for one of the most primary tricks social hucksters practice!

This strategy is known, slightly informally, as the ―foot in the door strategy.

And there’s a reason for the long telemarketer story. ―This is simply a kindergarten trick – any four-year-old child will recognize this! That was my first thought when I first encountered this simple strategy. But when I closed the textbook, closed my eyes, and recalled a few examples from my past – I recognized just how effective it was in the correct hands.

This plan of attack involves getting a individual to agree to a little request, and then bit by bit presenting larger ones. The telemarketer used this when I agreed to respond to a brief impersonal survey. He then dragged it on with incessant amounts of ―just one more question, sir!‖ Till I completed the full survey, which took 5 minutes and necessitated a lot of personal information.

This much is clear – if he had called for a full 5-minute survey initially, I’d have said no. A lot of individuals would have done the same.

As a whole, individuals are far more probable to comply with a request that costs little in time, revenue, effort, or bother. But, once you’ve agreed to the initial request, they’d start to ask for more.

An intriguing point: In the follow up call, they reminded me straight off of the first survey. How come? A lot of reasons – but one I would like to discuss here: they were hoping to cue me about my prior commitment. Quite an effective technique.

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Self Esteem
The Self Esteem Workbook

Introducing …

The Self-Esteem Workbook – Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation!

Everything you need to know about the self esteem and personal transformation is included in this special report:

* New age and personal transformation

* Transforming your personal self esteem

* Exercises for transforming your self esteem

* Building self esteem through personal transformation

* Routes to personal transformation and self esteem

* Writing toward personal transformation

* Self transformation tips

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The Truth Behind Hypnosis

Can Hypnosis Really Relieve Your Pain … Cure Your Addiction … Stop Your Disorder … Or Help You Overcome a Particularly Difficult Challenge In Your Life?

Many people don’t believe in the power of hypnosis … but they should.

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Time Saving Strategies For The Average Guy

You’re more productive when you go slowly.

Time is your friend, not your foe. When you encompass time with an abundant attitude, you really have more of it. Time relishing raises your awareness of what you have in the present moment. By savoring the moment, you make decisions informed by that abundance. Time abundance, much like time starvation, is a selffulfilling prophecy.

When asked if I would want 2 more hours in the day, I say, “nah. I have more than enough time.” It appears like an oddball answer to a question most individuals answer with a reverberating “yes!” The truth of the matter is time is a concept we designed. It’s an organizing principle to help us make sense of our lives . So if it’s not real, how come we treat it like the monster under our bed? Maybe, just maybe, time starvation is in our minds and we need to learn to make the most of our time.

Time Saving Strategies For The Average Guy

Save 2 hours a day by focusing on the essentials

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Unleash The Creative New You

What you will find inside Unleashing the Creative New You!

How to conquer procrastination, fear, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and perfectionism.

An awesome way to avoid losing all those marvelous ideas your creative mind is capable of churning out.

The first step to solving any problem.

How creative activities can take away stress and improve your health.

How to achieve a Zen-like state of creativity.

What you need to do to assure yourself of creative success.

How to apply your creative energy to your daily life.

How to develop a higher IQ.

How to counter the dreaded “enemies” of your creativity.

How to be a genius.

How you can keep employees happily coming up with innovative ideas.

How many ideas an average child can generate compared to an adult. You’ll be surprised!

The many forms of creativity.

How to know when you have made contact with the creative spirit.

What leaves us too drained to be truly creative.

The biggest difference in our brains and those of so-called geniuses.

A checklist to evaluate how creative you are.

Vital tools and skills to enhance your creativity.

Examples of companies who got a huge return on their investment by offering creative courses.

How meditation and hypnosis can help unleash your creativity.

One of the necessary components to your happiness and mental health.

A key ingredient in your creative life.

Why it’s okay to sit and do nothing once in a while.

How smart employers create creative, problem-solving forces.

The dangers of the notorious “inner critic.”

An excellent way to teach your mind to focus and concentrate on your own creativity.

What Benjamin Franklin did to stimulate his thinking.

How to know if you are becoming creative automatically.

The wonder of the magical “serendipity.”

How to come up with creative ways to solve your problems.

The difference between the mind of a genius and the mind of an ordinary person.

Signs of genius.

The function of the left and right side of the brain.

How to shift from one side of the brain to the other.

How to allow necessary information to get through to your consciousness, giving you a whole world of inspiration.

What Albert Einstein would do when he has a problem.

How creativity and change depend on one another.

Personal changes that require a great deal of creativity.

The largest group of creative people.

The capabilities of right-handed and left-handed people.

How to come up with all manners of creative ideas to deal with any aspects of your life.

How children are likened to Zen Masters.

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Unlock Your Mind Power

The suppressed mind has secreted attainments below its unconscious essential. Soul learning is an alternation of tactics that we can employ to call up that fortuitous online mail below the surface. We have collectible parts of our history at the bottom of the pinned consciousness or subconscious mind. Now, if we learn some practice to use instate letters to our advantage, perhaps we can run through the mind to enveloping awareness.

We have close online correspondence in the subliminal, which includes our continuation school. That consolidated math or history you reflect you have forgotten is not forever forgotten, rather the knowledge is underneath your subconscious time foreseeing for you to take an adventure to engender the specifics to take dealings.

You have options over the many steps one can take to unlock the power of your mind. You can make money and find new friends; first, however you have to learn these steps to accomplish your goal. Mentioning goals, this is a start of effectively unlocking your mind’s power. That is set goals and work to reach them.

The soul has hidden literature beneath its unconscious foremost. Subliminal learning is an alternation of tactics that we can employ to refer to as up that extemporaneous mail underneath the surface. We have collectible parts of our history at the bottom of the under feel or subconscious mind. Now, if we learn some motility to use empower alphabet to our advantage, obtainable we can train the mind to encompassing awareness.

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Weight Loss
Weight Loss All Star

Here is a peek inside Weight Loss All Star…..

How you gain weight and why some people weight

5 simple daily habits can be the ones placing the spare tire above your waist!

Learn why if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is over 30 it means BIG trouble!

The two leading causes of death in the U.S and how they’re related to obesity!

Eight other killer diseases that could plague you if you don’t drop that extra mass now!

When to and when not to use mind games in the battle to win your ex back

Four points to always remember when you set your weight loss goals so you won’t push yourself to the limit and develop further problems!

Three elements of weight loss that go together and how you can leverage on them to make sure the fat doesn’t return!

Learn the real ways to losing weight and put all the gimmicks and fads on the backburner.

A proven, tried and tested plan for keeping track of your calorie intake everyday – You won’t have to starve, you can enjoy your food and still lose weight!

How your metabolism system works and the most effective way to make it burn all those calories for you!

The importance of drinking fresh water and how much you should ideally gulp down.

Power herbs: Do they really help you burn fat or just a hole in your pocket?

The kind of exercises that cause you to hit your slim and trim target faster than expected!

And much, much more!

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Weight Loss Resolution

Have You Finally Lost Faith In Diet Pills, Weight-Loss Books and “No Fat” Foods?

All The Tools You Will Ever Need To Lose The Weight  For
Good This Time – At Your Fingertips

When you secure your copy of Permanent Weight Loss The Natural Way

Here’s what you’ll discover:

How you gained the weight, unlocking this mystery will help you undo it

How to control the factors keeping you fat even if it is genetic

10 signs to spot a fad diet from a mile away

Why extreme calorie restriction will make only make you fatter

Why not all fats are bad for you, in fact you need them

Eat more to lose weight

Are you an emotional eater?

Are you obese or overweight?, what’s the difference?

What weight you should be at and how to calculate it

Which is more important – Pounds or Inches?

Why you should hide your weighing scales

How to drop pounds based on solid, proven methods that work

How to turn your metabolism into a fat burning machine

Exercises that supercharge your body into fat loss mode

…and lots, lots more

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