The Chemical Brain, Can Exciting Research Empower Couples?

The chemical brain is a loose term referring to brain hormones and neurotransmitters that affect everything we think, do and say. Researchers asked, “Can the chemical brain research findings empower couples and individuals to improve communication, hence, improve relationships?” It appears this new and exciting research supports that very idea.

This blog post uses plain English to avoid scaring the reader away with technical scientific terms. This blog’s goal is for you to “get it.” Reading through this blog post, see the most significant hormones and neurotransmitters named and identified. As you come to understand and recognize these chemicals flowing through you, also understand they affect males and females differently.

This article offers only the basics about the chemical brain. More research about this topic is proposed. Understand and act using this knowledge in your own relationships. I can be an effective way to end the devastating social problem plaguing society called divorce.

Hormones Are the Catalyst in Your Chemical Brain

In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that causes or speeds up a chemical reaction without itself being affected. In the male, the hormone testosterone is needed for feeling good and for effectively dealing with stress.

Men are happiest when achieving and accomplishing goals or tasks as these raise testosterone levels. As men use up their testosterone supply throughout the day, they need to “refill” their tank. This is done by completing tasks or achieving goals.

There are many other ways men replenish this feel good hormone.

Men NEED testosterone in balanced amount in order to be men. With insufficient testosterone a man can’t think clearly. He gets grumpy and that grumpiness negatively affects him in his relationships.

In the female, the hormone oxytocin is created through love and bonding. Oxytocin also reduces stress in women. It is involved in childbirth and mother’s milk production. Oxytocin plays a role in the sexual response cycle, specifically, it creates orgasms for both sexes.

Cortisol and adrenalin are hormones that are released in response to dangerous or life threatening situations. The fight or flight response is dependent on these two hormones. They prepare the body to act quickly by sending blood to important areas like the brain and muscles.

Cortisol also decreases blood flow to the stomach as one would not be eating in a life threatening situation. For a quick burst of energy, glucose, or sugar, is released in response to cortisol.

The Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters carry chemical messages to another nerve, muscle or organ. Dopamine is needed to be able to focus and to figure out what needs to be done in any given situation. Men typically are low in dopamine. Dopamine also stimulates testosterone production.

The neurotransmitter serotonin is nature’s antidepressant, especially for women. Men typically make and store more than women, so they typically have enough. This doesn’t mean that men never have low serotonin issues, but that occurs more with very high stress. Women typically use up serotonin and don’t have enough, especially under stress. Clues of low serotonin include depression, low sex drive, and chronic fatigue.

There are natural ways to increase serotonin production in your partner. Letting her talk while feeling heard is one way. Plenty of water and fresh air is another.

Nutritional Support Also Helps Maintain Balance

Nutritional support with omega-3, whey protein, vitamins and minerals helps. Consult a nutritionist to seek more information.

Low oxytocin usually leads to a drop in serotonin, so she’ll feel less caring or loving and she will feel hopeless and unsupported. Reduced feelings of well being and low motivation in a woman can suggest depleted oxytocin. Low serotonin in women increases the need for oxytocin.

By understanding the “chemical brain” you become empowered to improve communication and your relationships benefit as well.

Along with open communication, a healthy lifestyle, and a diet that supports a healthy chemical brain, your new journey begins.

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