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Gender Brain Chemistry™: Implications for Your Hypnotism Practice


Hello and welcome to the Easy Key to Life™ (EKTL), my brainchild. I also want to welcome you to Gender Brain Chemistry™, a phenomenal marketing tool I developed with small business success in mind. In all honesty, Gender Brain Chemistry™ and implications for your hypnosis practice came long after my success with business. This marketing tool has far exceeded any and all expectations.


You’ve probably heard some of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind have been “stumbled” upon. Penicillin was discovered after breadcrumbs accidently fell into a dish for growing germs, causing a mold to develop, which killed the germs. The man that is credited with the discovery of television technology did so while plowing his potato field.


Today I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, teacher, guest speaker, and author. I am the CEO and founder of the EKTL Institute. I didn’t arrive where I am today by traveling Easy Street, I’ve encountered many obstacles over the years. Gender Brain Chemistry™ isn’t about my accolades, and it isn’t all about hypnosis. It’s about business and personal success strategies I developed that integrate brain chemistry principles.


Gender Brain Chemistry™

In the 1960’s we had no real understanding of stress response in terms of gender chemistry. We now know our individual chemistry plays a major role in everything we think, do, and say. My mentor, good friend, and relationship expert Dr. John Gray has a long list of Mars/Venus books, some of which are based in brain chemistry.


The baby boomer generation, those born after WWII and into the 1960’s, were the first generation of women to demand gender equality socially and politically. Gender Brain Chemistry™ research wasn’t created yet and very little was known about hormone and neurotransmitter effects on the human stress response cycle.


I thought the recent movie Hidden Figures certainly brought not only racial inequality, but gender inequality, to the silver screen in a poignant and straightforward fashion. The movie introduces the audience to three African American women who made outstanding contributions to the space race.


Without their valuable contributions, I can safely say the United States never would have been first to put man into orbit and return him safely. It would be decades before the work and contributions of these great Americans would be acknowledged and receive their due credit.


The Point and Implications for Your Practice or Business

My point with respect to the movie Hidden Figures is it speaks to the basic premise of gender brain chemistry. The premise being male and female brain chemistry is very similar “chemically” – in fact 90% is the same. However, in terms of behavior and response to the environment, genders respond quite differently as that 10% makes a huge difference.


We know men and women behave differently, that’s a given. What’s important to note is brain chemistry and gender differences are wonderful to be embraced, not opposed. When you embrace the differences, the doors to communication, trust, and connection swing wide open.


In your practice or business, connecting with your target audience, establishing trust, and open communication, all add up to belief in your solutions. Consumers want solutions, not product. When you add brain chemistry to the mix, you gain a business edge and advantage that catapults you far beyond the competition.


In fact, you will stand out among the rest as a trusted and appreciated member of the business community, and people will keep coming back! Imagine the prospect and potential of this phenomenal tool for attaining your business dreams. You have the opportunity to become a part of business and marketing history.


My final point is the women in the movie, set in the 1960’s, were the wrong gender, the wrong race, born at the wrong time, and worked in a male dominant  environment. In terms of brain chemistry, the men in the movie did what they do best. They took credit for the success of returning astronauts back to earth safely.


I have often wondered, if NASA had the benefit of brain chemistry knowledge in the 1960’s, and gender differences were embraced, acknowledged and supported, we might have already put humans on Mars. Just a thought.


My name is Beverly Taylor. Thank you for taking a moment to share my dream with you. Visit me on my website and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or arrange for a free consultation. In the meantime, embrace diversity. Adelante, or keep moving forward!