Hypnosis Calms People For Surgery

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Hypnosis is used by everyday people wanting to conquer everyday challenges.  The following story shows how hypnosis helped one particular client personally benefit from the power of hypnosis.  And, it also tells the story of the joy that comes with being a hypnotherapist.  Are you a person who likes to help others?  If so, hypnosis training would be a great opportunity to make a difference in another person’s life.  When you decide you want to learn how to hypnotize another person using the power of the mind, you can open new personal development doors.  Now to our story…

A hypnotherapist in Sumner, Washington, received a call from a complete stranger one day. “Are you a hypnotist?”

“Yes, I am…” confirmed the hypnotist.

“I’ve got a problem.  My 89-year-old mother had surgery last night on her eyelids.  But, the surgeon must have nicked an artery in the process.  She’s been bleeding a few drops of blood each hour through the night.  We need to get her back to the surgeon so she can be fixed up.  We thought we could stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure, but it just kept bleeding.  It’s been a long night.  I’m concerned she’s too fragile to have anesthesia again but I’ve heard that in some cases hypnosis can be used in place of anesthesia.  Do you have any experience in this sort of thing?”

Luckily the hypnotist was a seasoned pro.  And, she had been certified as a medical assistant many years previous to her career as a hypnotist.  It’s common for nurses, doctors, psychologists, and other medical professionals to add hypnosis as another way to help patients or clients.

“Yes, I have had experience with this type of thing.  But I need to tell you that I can do nothing medical.  I can use hypnosis to calm her, however.  Does that sound acceptable to you?”

“That’s sounds find.  I’m a nurse and I will take care of the medical care.  I don’t know how to hypnotize though but I’d like to learn hypnotism.”

The hypnotist continued, “I also need to know that your mother would be open to hypnosis.  She has to do this because she wants to do it for herself.  Has she ever meditated or does she regularly like to listen to soothing, relaxing music?”

“Yes, she’ll be just fine.  She’s the sweetest little thing.”

“Okay.  I have some forms for her to sign to get session permission.  If you are sure she is open to this, I will get the forms ready.”

“She’ll be open.  I’m sure.”

“Tell me your address and I’ll be right over. Then, we can all ride over to the surgeon’s office together.  You called at a good time.  I happen to be free the rest of the afternoon.  I’ll start the session in the car after I interview your mother.  Does that sound acceptable to you?”

“Oh, yes.  That sounds great…”

“Just one more question…how did you think to call a hypnotist for your mother?”

“I’ve seen the sign in your office.  We live in the same neighborhood I think.  And, I went to a hypnotist to control pain in my broken leg when I couldn’t take prescription drugs.  I know hypnosis works.”

“That’s great.  Okay, I’ll leave for your place in a few minutes.”

The Hypnosis Training Session

In the car, the hypnotist suggested how her client, Mabel, might enjoy a comfortable visit to a beach.  That was fine with Mabel because she loved Florida.

The hypnotist suggested that Mabel relax and enjoy an imaginary trip to the beach in the best health ever.  That brought a smile to Mabel’s face.

Additionally, Mabel’s hypnotic coach suggested that when they arrived at the doctor’s office, Mabel’s visit with the surgeon would end in such a way that it benefitted and favored her in an easy, pleasant, gentle way.

Mabel was very open to hypnosis as a large percentage of the population is.  After the doctor’s visit was over, she thanked the hypnotist.  It was a simple thing to use hypnosis and help Mabel solve her everyday problem.

Additionally, during the session, her daughter and Mabel both learned that hypnosis can be used for more than just pain control.  It can be used to naturally reduce stress and help people achieve goals to live a happier life.  Listening to the hypnotist’s encouraging, uplifting suggestions, Mabel learned self-hypnosis, too.

If you are considering a new career in the personal development field, consider becoming a certified hypnotherapist.  Do you love to make a difference in people’s lives?  If so, hypnosis might be a way to have your dream career.

Want to develop new skills that make a significant difference in people’s lives?  If so, becoming a hypnotist might be right for you.  For more information on getting your hypnotherapy certification, contact us.