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New Gender, Brain, And Stress Research; Are There Benefits?

Think for a minute, then, ask yourself, “When was the last time I tried something different to improve my relationships?” Perhaps you have heard about a new program called Gender Brain Chemistry™. Now ask yourself, “New gender, brain, and stress research; are there benefits?”

My name is Beverly Taylor and I developed this new program. This amazing new tool has the potential to skyrocket your relationships to another level! I can answer your second question, “New gender, brain, and stress research, are there benefits?” The answer is an unequivocal YES!

Imagine investing in a new product where in its first six months, its stock value has quadrupled. Would you sell your stock or invest in more? Your stock broker would advise you to BUY! I am not a stock broker, and brain science isn’t a tangible commodity one purchases on Wall Street. Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile investment in understanding how to maintain and sustain compatible relationships.

 Meet Your Chemical Brain

Before introducing you to your chemical brain, you’ll need a little more information on this “new product.” This new product is based in male and female reactions to stress.

Stress, if you don’t already know, and our reactions to it, can be a major contributing factor to failure of relationships today.  When we act, before thinking due to being stressed out, it can seriously injure relationships. But there is good news about this relationship phenomenon.  And that’s what this blog post is all about.

Scientists have long recognized the presence of certain chemical messengers in the brains of men and women.  Those chemical messengers affect how both genders respond to stress. I encourage you to read archived blogs about specific chemical messengers on my website to learn more about your chemical brain.  It just might save your relationship from becoming a sinking ship!

Meet his and her chemical brain. The shape, size, and appearance are similar. In fact, chemically speaking, they have the same chemical messengers present in somewhat varying amounts. The question is, if they are so similar, what makes them collide?

Men’s and Women’s Brains:  Hardwired Differently

The word “hardwired” is defined as, “in the form of permanent electronic circuits.” For our purposes, I prefer this definition, “genetically or innately predisposed.” We are born with this circuitry, and attempts to change it can be a lesson in futility.

Regarding your amazing chemical brain, imagine the term “hardwired” defined as being like two circuit panels in the brain.  We’ll call them male and female. Looking at the circuit panels they appear similar, yet their function is very different. This stands to reason because wiring behind each circuit panel is “hardwired” differently.

That’s it in a nutshell. Male and female brains are genetically, or innately, hardwired differently. Hence, their reactions and needs will be different. Understanding these differences, and addressing needs, is important to achieving relationship happiness and harmony.

 Understand and Appreciate the Differences

Today we live in a high stress society. It is important to understand what you already know about how we are affected by stress. Hold on, that just doesn’t make sense. Understand what I already know? Please explain.

Put a different way, you already know men and women behave, think, feel, and react in dissimilar ways. Our gender differentiates how we process language, emotions, and information we receive.

We have to make sense of these differences, if we don’t, the result is conflict. Advances in technology and research helped to pinpoint how the structure, or anatomy, of our brains affects our response to stress and the environment.

When you begin to better understand these differences, your interpretation of your partner’s behavior and feelings will have new meaning. Meaning that will allow you to give your partner what they really need.

What’s My Next Step?

You’ve already begun your new journey. Understanding that gender differences are very real and the time invested in learning more can only benefit your relationship. Contact us at and arrange a FREE, 20 minute consultation. Let me help you get your needs met so that you can help your partner meet his or her needs.

Imagine what it would be like to understand why he appears disconnected and she wants to talk and share. Why he has single focus and she can multitask. How does she remember every quarrel we ever had? The secret to creating harmony is just a phone call away.